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A Good Supper : E108 - 06/16/2021


At a modest diner in a small town, Young-shin cooks delicious meals at a reasonable price. She arrived at the town when she was eight and was brought up by Kyung-soo, the diner's cook/owner. Now, in her 20s, Young-shin's skills and senses are a match to masters, and her positive energy is infectious to customers and neighbors. And her best friends are her biggest fans. Jung-hoon had a hard time after the abrupt move to the town. Da-jung spent dinner time at the diner because of her parents' job, and Oh-bok lived with his grandmother after his parents abandoned him. Four friends grew up together with love, friendship, and a bowl of warm boiled rice. The drama follows them and Kyung-soo laughing and crying together, growing up and following their dream and heart.

Tags MBC,Drama,A Good Supper,Jung Woo-yeon,Kwon Hyuk,Kang Da-hyun,Jo Han-joon

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