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Brilliant Heritage : E80


Mr. Boo, the owner of Booruna Naengmyeon House, worries his four sons: Baek-doo, the oldest, is short-sighted and ill-patient. Keum-kang, the second, is over-confident and greedy. Seol-ak, the third and the brightest, doesn't want to get involved in the family business, and Han-ra, the youngest, is too spoiled. After witnessing a quarrel between sons, Mr. Boo comes up with an idea: a fake marriage with Kong Kye-ok, a much younger woman who works at the butcher's market. Of course, the sons get shocked by his father's new "spouse." Moreover, Mr. Boo seriously considers hard-working and kind-hearted Kye-ok as the successor. Seol-ak suspects Kye-ok targets his father's fortunes, but the more he knows about her, the more confused he is about her.

Tags KBS, drama,Brilliant Heritage, Park In-hwan, Kang Se-jung, Shin Jung-yoon, Kang Sin-jo, Lee Ah-hyun, Nam Sung-Jin

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