Casting a Spell to You : E07 - 06/29/2022


Ji-woo, a spoiled young man, comes home after hearing that his grandfather, a wealthy businessman, died. He expected a large inheritance, but he only got an old building filled with books. Mastering only in having fun, Ji-woo comes up with an idea: turn the building into a bar that only sells the drink during the day. And he recruits Joong-hee, a young man that somehow gets involved in a few happenings with him. Joong-hee dreamed of entering the culinary school in France, but she recently lost all her savings to a scam and had a few whirlwind days because of Ji-woo. To save money again, Joong-hee reluctantly agrees to join Ji-woo's outlandish project 'Siesta.'

Tags Drama,Romance,Sung Joon,Im Ji-yeon,Baek Sung-hyun,Kim Yoon-hye,Casting a Spell to You,Yoonncompany

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