Cheongdam-dong Alice : E16


Han Se-kyung graduated renowned fashion school, but that didn't help her to get a stable job. After a few years of joblessness, she got a temp gig at a famous fashion brand, but her job was to work as an assistant to the owner's family. Her boss advised her to give up if she doesn't have an eye as a designer, which she couldn't afford from a modest family. She feels deprived by Yoon-joo, her high school mate, being the rich man's wife and bossing her, but Se-kyung dreams of being righteous and successful, until her long-time boyfriend steals all her savings and flees to another country. Se-kyung changes her life goal: getting married up and have a wealthy and successful life. Her target is Cha Seung-jo, but the operation doesn't go as she plans because of his erratic personality and lack of trust in women.

Tags SBS, drama, romance, Cheongdam-dong Alice, Moon Geun-young, Park Si-hoo, So Yi-hyun, Kim Ji-seok

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