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Connection : Episode 7 - 06/14/2024


One day, Jang Jae Gyeong, a ten-year detective of Anhyeon's narcotics unit, becomes forcibly addicted to drugs by someone. Although he denies being a user and claims he's an officer who arrests those who do, his mind and body unknowingly deteriorate due to the drug, which is new and unknown to the police. Oh Yoon Jin is a reporter for the Anhyun Economic Daily. She met Jae Gyeong at Jeogang High School. Right after returning to work after one month, she witnesses a woman die in front of her from using drugs. Yoon Jin chases the drug case for a scoop and becomes entangled with Jae Gyeong again. Geumhyung Group's vice-chairman, Won Jong Soo, and Anhyun's prosecutor, Park Jun Seo, are two who could be involved in the case. Due to the drugs, an evil connection intertwined with 50 million dollars starts to form and corrodes their high school friendship. Who could the drug lord be to confront Jae Gyeong, who declares retribution at the end of the battle, and who will come out the victor?

Tags drama,sbs,action,mystery,Ji Sung,Jeon Mi-do

Connection - Episode

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