Elegant Family : E05


Mo Suk-hee is destined to have a privileged life, as the only daughter of the chairman of MC Group, a big corporation in Korea. However, Suk-hee has a mystery that she's desperate to solve at the risk of destroying her world. When her father brought her stepmother and two older brothers, her mother, Jae-rim, was killed while insisting that she would never divorce. What Suk-hee wants is to reveal the truth behind her mother's murder and following cover-ups. Her only accomplice is Heo Yun-do, a strong-minded lawyer from a modest background. As the son of the alleged murderer, he can relate to Suk-hee's obsession and frustration. Their various attempts to get the true nature of the murder get interfered by TOP team, a risk management team that works for the Mo Family. Can the two find the truth and protect their love while dealing with the best fixers in Korea?

Tags drama, MBN, mystery, melodrama, elegant family, Im Soo-hyang, Lee Jang-wook, Bae Jong-oak

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