Eternal Love of Dream : Last Episode - 07/30/2020


Bai Feng Jiu, the Queen of White Fox clan and the niece of Bai Qian, has loved a man for a long time: Dong Hua, the Emperor of Heaven who saved her life a long time ago. She becomes his chambermaid to be around him, but he doesn't know that she loves him. When Dong Hua is in danger of fighting with Yan Chi Wu, a devil, Feng Jiu saves him in exchange for her human form. Dong Hua raised the red fox with love, not knowing the fox is Feng Jiu. Feng Jiu gets heartbroken by Dong Hua's alleged impending marriage and comes back home. Years later, they meet again at Bai Qian's wedding, and Dong Hua falls in love with Feng Jiu. They promise to get married, but things don't go easy for their happily ever after.

Tags Tencent, Drama, Chinese, Romance, Eternal Love of Dream,Dilraba Dilmurat, Vengo Gao, Baron Chen, Dylan Kuo, Angel Liu, Wayne Liu, Lawrence Wang, James Li, Yuan Yu Xuan, Huang Jun Jie

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