Ever Night : E45 - 09/14/2021


There is a prophecy in this world: upon the arrival of Yong Ye, the Eternal Night, the world will be thrown into Chaos. Some people can detect the danger, and they are called cultivators. The grand general who served Hao Tian, the divine one in the world, framed General Lim of the Tang Dynasty for treason and massacred the entire family. A young boy named Ning Que managed to survive and swore revenge for his dead family. He found a baby in the pile of dead bodies, called her Sang Sang, and took care of her. Fifteen years later, Ning Que, now a soldier at the border of the Tang, gets a chance to enroll in the Academy for Cultivators. One day, Princess Li Ye, who married and moved to another country, flows back to the motherland. Ning Que and Sang Sang join the Princess's entourage as the guard and start a new journey to the capital.

Tags Huashi,drama,fantasy,adventure,martial arts,Ever Night,Chen Feiyu,Song Yiren

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