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Healing Cottage 2 : E01 - 03/01/2023


The host of "Healing Cottage" is Korea's favorite actor, Jeon Gwang Ryeol. He invites celebrities who need comfort, and they share their deepest stories. They visit many famous places and enjoy outdoor activities while telling us their life stories. "Healing Cottage" also provides "Healing Concerts" where the viewers and guests get to relax and entertain their ears. Legendary ballad singer, Lee Soo Young, who comforts us with her singing, and comedian Heo Kyeong Hwan, who needs comfort more than anyone, are the two managers. Please look forward to the guests and the show!

Tags Variety,Talk show,Jeon Gwang-ryeol,Lee Soo-young,Heo Kyeong-hwan,Healing Cottage 2,Wavve America

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