I-LAND : E06


Big Hit Entertainment, the agency that brought BTS to the world, collaborate with CJ ENM to present a whole new music audition show. I-LAND is a huge architecture built for training the next global idols, and it contains a training center, residence, and stages for performance. Twenty-three contestants from all over the world must pass the tests to get into or remain at the I-LAND. For survival, they have to step up their games, collaborate with others to make a fantastic performance, and win the hearts of mentors and the global audience who watches their everyday lives. Who will survive and become the next superstar? Hosted by Namgoong Min, the show features Bang Si-hyuk, the creator of BTS, some directors who contribute to BTS's success, and a couple of K-pop stars who can give a piece of advice about stardom.

Tags CJ, Variety, Music, Audition, Competition, Namgoong Min, Bang Si-hyuk, Rain, ZICO, Pdogg, Son Seung-deuk, Wonderkid, Park Dong-hyun

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