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Into The Ring : E10 - 07/30/2020


Goo Se-ra is a 29-year-old girl with a strong sense of justice. But her persistence has not helped launch her career: she always got laid off because of her butt-heading to the slight wrongfulness. After getting fired again, she got a part-time job at the Mawon-gu(the municipal office) thanks to her 15-year-of reporting civil complaints. And THAT is the breakthrough for her future. Se-ra catches a significant saying from Seo Gong-myeong, an unofficial loner of Mawon-gu office: that there is a job at the annual salary of fifty million won, and nobody isn't interested in what you're doing. With help from Gong-myeong and her best friends, Se-ra runs for a councilwoman at Mawon-gu council and navigates the grey area of regional politics.

Tags KBS, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Into The Ring, Nana, Park Sung-hoon, Yoo Da-in, Han Jun-woo, An Nae-sang

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