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Joseon Attorney : A morality : E02


Kang Han-su is a Joseon attorney who causes trouble in the capitol. He would be called a man with a mysterious charm, for his mastery of any law and way of persuasion to everyone, from the judges to the audience. People come to Han-su to vent their anger and bitterness, asking him to make a case against those who are responsible. But Han-su has a bigger goal than causing trouble and making influential people uncomfortable. For that, he becomes friends with many people, and among them is So-won, a housemaid at a high-end restaurant in Mapo, although her real identity is a Princess of the previous King who lost his life in the power struggle. They start working together for their own purposes, but soon they have feelings for each other.

Tags Drama,historical,action,comedy,Woo Do-hwan,Kim Ji-yeon,Cha Hak-yeon,Joseon Attorney : A morality,MBC

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