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Legend of Dragon Pearl : E58 - 03/25/2020


At the eclipse of the Ming Dynasty, a princess was born. The girl, Yi Huan, was raised not as a princess, but as a general's daughter. When the Qing army finally brought the downfall of Ming, Yi Hwan joined the descendants of Ming to retreat to the MingZhu Canyon. After several years, Yi Hwan comes from the Canyon and visit the capital to meet Zhu Cixuan, her fiance and the crown prince of Ming. She accidentally becomes friends with a young man, who happens to be the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, the young Kangxi. Because of their relationship, Yi Hwan receives an order from the MingZhu leadership to get close to Kangxi and seek revenge. However, she gradually sympathizes with Kangxi's vision for a peaceful country. The two eventually fall in love, but Yi Hwan's secrets would hurt their blossoming romance.

Tags drama,chinese drama, romance, historical,costume drama,melo,legend of Dragon Pearl,Yang Zi, Qin Jun Jie, Jennifer Shu, Mao Zi Jun, Si Qin Gao Wa, Huang Hai Bing

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