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MAKEMATE1 : Episode 6 - 06/19/2024


In the global idol debut project, MAKEMATE1, the boys will become one with their mates to make the stage theyu2019ve been dreaming of. Itu2019s the place where the boys will realize their dreams of becoming idol singers. The boys will overcome their language barriers, cultural backgrounds, and different levels and become mates, and some will be each otheru2019s Checkmates, the rivals. The boys have been training hard day and night, and thereu2019s a special system, Mate Rule, to assess them. In every round, they will be divided into two teams, and their teamwork and individual skills will be evaluated. The living icon of K-pop, XIUMIN, is the main host, and Solar, HANHAE, Vata, INGYOO, and Kim Sung Eun join in as CMATE. Among the 36 boys, who will get the chance to debut and make their dreams come true? The first challenge of the amazing boys who wish to become the new K-pop leading boy group begins now.

Tags kbs,music,reality,solar,xiumin,hanhae

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