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Me(a)rry Queeer : E02


Me(a)rry Queer is Korea’s first reality show about the romance of people who came out. It shows the love stories of a gay couple, a transgender couple, and a lesbian couple. You can watch how openly they go out and what they think about marriage. A gay couple is Bo Sung and Min Jun. A lesbian couple is Seung Eun and Ka Ram. And a transgender couple is Min Ju and Ji Hae. With this show, they share their stories about what worries and thoughts they had before coming out, and they also deliver their stories to the ones who are still not open to them. Look forward to the love stories of gender-diverse people.

Tags Variety,romance,reality show,Shin Dong-yeop,Hong Suk-chun,Hani,Me(a)rry Queer,NAK Media

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