Mister Trot : E04 - 01/23/2020


Following the unprecedented popularity of Miss Trot, the search for the next trot superstar continues. Mr. Trot, hosted by Kim Sung-joo, is the male version of the previous season. Masters, comprising of vocal artists, songwriters, and trot-loving celebrities, aim to find the raw talents that yet to be undiscovered. Dozens of contestants, who have various backgrounds, enter the highly competitive and talked-about competition. Who will win the title of Mr. Trot and be the next Song Ga-in?

Tags TV Chosun,variety,realty, reality competition, talent show,mister trot,Kim Sung-joo, Jang Yun-jeong, Cho Young-soo, Noh Sa-yeon, James Moo-song Lee, Jin Sung, Park Hyun-bin, Park Myeong-su, Jang Young

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