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Mystery Music Show Mask King : E455 - 06/16/2024


It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are

To singers, popularity is their mark of rank in the industry. People tend to be more generous when evaluating the music of their favorite singer. This is why every songwriter tries to work with famous singers. The singer's fame will make the song famous. But what if we pick the best singer without knowing the singer's identity and popularity, but with just pure skill? Who will be the best singer then? This show started with such a question. Singers will be able to present themselves with sincere singing skills, unbiased. The battle of superb singers who were hidden and forgotten now begins.

Tags Variety,music,competition,Kim Seong Ju,Kim Gu Ra,Shin Bong Sun,Kim Hyun Chul,Jo Jang Hyuk,Lee Yoon Seok,Yu Young Seok,Mystery Music Show Mask King,MBC

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