Never Give Up : Trailer 2 - 07/03/2022


Goo Pil-soo is the owner of a small watering hall. He is a husband and father who would do anything for his family. Despite his effort, the family is on the verge of eviction from their rented house. Meanwhile, Jung Seok is a brilliant and passionate young man in his 20s. He starts his own business to support the people he loves, but his success seems far away as his company is in danger of closing. Then, the two men meet a mysterious old lady who suggests an odd thing. As the suggestion is their last hope, the two reluctantly accept it and move into the large mansion of Chun Man-guem, a.k.a. the Money Lady.

Tags Drama,Kwak Do-won,Yoon Doo-joon,Han Go-eun,Jung Dong-won,Never Give Up,Genie

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