Roosevelt Game : E08 - 05/08/2020


Aoshima factory is a small company that produces precision instruments, such as an image sensor. Due to the economic recession and cutthroat competition with the bigger rival, Aoshima is on the verge of bankruptcy. The company needs restructuring for survival, and disbanding the baseball team is also in discussion. Hosokawa, the new president, does his best to save the company: he rehires the best man to develop a new and more precise product. He also persuades the executives and employees who don't follow his lead. Meanwhile, Daido, the new coach for the baseball team, reform the team with new positioning and strategy based on the data. With Okihara, a new player who once the best rookie in the high school league, the team finally has a chance of sensation. Can Aoshima people save both the company and the baseball team?

Tags TBS, Drama, Japanese, Roosevelt Game, Toshiaki Karasawa, Asuka Kudoh,Toru Tezuka

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