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She Knows Everything : E03


Goong Apartment is a decades-old apartment complex that is about to be redeveloped. Right now, the process is prolonged, and anxious residents sometimes make quarrels. One day, Yang Su-jin, a young woman at 9-604, is found dead, and Detective In is in charge of the investigation. Rumors about the victim spread quickly, but the residents aren't willing to cooperate with the police because they worry the ugly words of mouth can hurt the redevelopment project. Det. In manages to narrow down the suspects, and one of them is Lee Goong-bok, a.k.a. Ms. Lee, a real estate agent who is tirelessly working on the project. If she isn't the culprit, she must know something. As the investigation makes progress, the tension between the detective and Ms. Lee also rises.

Tags MBC, Drama, Mystery, She Knows Everything, Kang Sung-yeon, Jo Han-sun, Park Shin-a, Kim Do-wan, Lee Ki-hyuk, Moon Chang-gil, Kim Kyu-sun, Kim Kang-min, Jeon Su-Kyung, Woo Ji-won , Kim Ye-won, Kim Geum

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