The Boss Has Donkey Ears : E184 - 11/27/2022


Are you a boss? If you are, are you sure you're a good boss? This program turns the table around, giving employees a chance to tell what they really think about their boss. Three bosses take the appraisal with confident, but neither a veteran comedian, a famous chef, nor the Mayor of Seoul can escape the bombarding facts about them. They try to deny or deflect the realities, but in the end, they look back themselves and find out what they do was over-the-top. The vast difference between what the bosses think and what the staffs think causes such a big laugh that you can blow off some work stress.

Tags KBS2,talk,variety,Kim Su-mi,Kim Sook,Yang Se-hyeong,Park Won-soon,Lee Yun-bok,Kim Joon-ho

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