The Devil : E04


Kang Oh-soo, a homicide detective, receives a package: a 'judgment' tarot card and a letter saying, "the truth will not set you free." At first, Oh-soo regards them as a prank, but he knows he might be in trouble when he finds out a murdered lawyer gets the same 'judgment' tarot card. He traces back the card, and it leads to Hae-in, a temporary librarian who draws tarot cards and sells them at her friend's store. Hae-in has a power called psychometry: she can see an afterimage by touching a person or an object. She has been treated as a weirdo, but her being unique is the reason that Oh-soo can trust her. Meanwhile, another person appears in Hae-in's life: Oh Seung-ha, a human rights lawyer who gains trust from clients and fellow attorneys. But he also has a deep dark secret that might bring back the very moment of their lives that defines what they are now.

Tags KBS, Drama, Mystery, Um Tae-woong, Shin Min-a, Ju Ji-hoon, Jung Dong-hwan, Choi Duek-mun, Yoon Hye-kyung, Kim Young-jae, Han Jung-soo, Oh Yong, Jo Jae-wan?, Joo Jin-mo, Park Greena, Kim Yeong-jun, Kim

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