The Qin Empire : E67 - 05/05/2021


The Qin Empire chronicles the Qin State, building the first unified country in Chinese history. Lu Bu Wei, an influential merchant who sought to seize power, supported Qin's Prince Yi, the next line of the throne. The prince fathered a son, Ying Zheng, with Lady Zhao, the woman Lu matched with him. When Prince Yi became the emperor, Lady Zhao and young Ying Zheng entered the court. As Ying Zheng showed the potential to be a great ruler, Lady Zhao joined hands with Lu to make her son the heir to the throne. Under the guidance of his mother and Lu, and with support and royalty from advisors and generals, Ying Zheng, now known as Qin Shi Huang, made his dream of unifying the current six states into one great empire come true.

Tags Future TV,Drama,History,The Qin Empire,Zhang Luyi,Duan Yi Hong,Li Nai Wen,Zhu Zhu

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