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The Second Husband : E109 - 01/19/2022


Bong Sun-hwa has lived a hard life. Losing her parents when she was a baby, she was raised by her grandmother and grew up poor. But she is always optimistic, righteous, and kind. Now she works as a temp at a small company, has a son with Sang-hyuk, her long-time boyfriend, to whom she is about to get married soon. One day, however, Sang-hyuk betrays her: he chooses Jae-kyung, the daughter of a Jaebul, instead of Sun-hwa. Devastated that she just loses the love of her life, she soon bounces back. She gets a new job, finds a new love, and starts to make a better life. Along the way, she finds out the secret about her birth and learns the true meaning of love and family.

Tags The Second Husband ,Drama ,Soap Opera,Um Hyun-kyung,Cha Seo-won,Oh Seung-ah,Han Ki-woong

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