Unasked Family : E64


Our heroine, Yeo-won, expects that everything will be alright. After seven years of living with the in-laws, her family is about to move into their own house. But here comes the tragedy: her husband dies. She has to raise her daughter all by herself, but a homemaker can't get a decent job easily. Meanwhile, our hero, Chun-dong, has suffered a lot all his life. He was raised as an orphan, but his patience and optimism make him successful. Even though he needs a heart transplant, he always looks at the bright side of life. Through these two and their family, friends, and foe, the show will deliver heartfelt stories about starting again when the challenges arise in our lives.

Tags drama,KBS1,family,unasked family,Choi Yoon-So, Seol Jung-hwan, Shim Ji-ho, Jung Yoo-min, Yang Hee-kyung

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