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Vengeance of Bride : E74


A woman gets revenge on who broke her family up by becoming his daughter-in-law. Seo-yeon's father died when she was born, and her mother also vanished from her life. She grew up alone, with the help of Mr. Kang, her father's colleague and friend. She even called him 'father' at one point in her life. So, when Seo-yeon finds out that Kr. Kang was responsible for her father's death, she gets enraged and swears to tear up his peaceful and abundant life inside out. The first step of her revenge is becoming his daughter-in-law: she decides to marry Tae-poong, Mr. Kang's oldest son, whom she once called a brother.

Tags Drama,Soap Opera,Park Ha-na,Kang Ji-seop,Park Yoon-jae,Oh Seung-ah,Vengeance of Bride,KBS

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