Want A Taste : E53


Haejin, an average thirtysomething woman, supports her husband's success while managing her father-in-law diner. She's tolerated the disregard and unfair treatment from the in-laws, but here comes the last straw: her husband cheats on her. Meanwhile, Dae-gu, Hae-jin's neighbor, is a one-hit-wonder TV writer. His wife, the leading lady of his work, left him and a toddler to France and his shows after the initial success failed. She is worried about whether she can keep the family after the betrayal, and he suffers a problematic marriage and endless slump. The show centers these two and explores the family dynamics, multi-generational love, success stories, and so on.

Tags SBS,drama,want a taste,Shim Yi-young , Seo Do-young, Han Ga-lim, Lee Seul-a, Choi Woo-seok

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