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When I Opened My Eyes : Episode 2


When I open my eyes, I'm suddenly in a different world and in a different life! Korea's celebrities have logged in to a completely different N-life where everything is different, from their homes, families, friends to even their jobs. The experience from their previous life does not apply here as they life an N-life that is unfamiliar and awkward to them. They become part of a random and unpredictable N-life in the metaverse where to some, it might be a great chance in life to fulfill their romantic dreams while for others, it leaves them dumbfounded and in a great crisis. Cho Sae Ho, the master of talk shows, and Lee Chang Sub, the rising star in talk shows, will be the MCs and various guest stars will be watching the N-lives unfold. Not knowing where they will go to and what identity will they go as, through the guest stars who travel within the metaverse, we get a taste of real local life in the N-lives they experience!

Tags ena,Cho Sae-ho,Lee Chang-sub,Kwon Eun-bi,Kim Dong-hyun

When I Opened My Eyes - Episode

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