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2023 KBS Drama Special : Confession Attack


The KBS Drama Special, a collection of episodes that are fully packed with well-constructed content, has made its comeback in 2023 as KBS airs the series annually. The stories to be told will include one about a typical working professional who makes a decision to better his life that ends up being the wrong decision, a coming-of-age story of people trying to protect a kid who lies to hide the family history, a story of a female amateur futsal team's passion as they become one through the sport, a story about the victim, perpetrator, and bystander of bullying at a school, a hectic, wisecracking rom-com about a Joseon scholar who witnesses a secret rendezvous of his wife and his servant, and a rom-com set in a university where a student tries to mess with the smartest student in class to be at the top. The 2023 KBS Drama Special offers a plethora of stories accompanied by extreme thrills, fresh takes, and heartwarming sensations. Expect to find an episode that hits the sweet spot!

Tags Drama,Lee Jae Won,Kim Si Woo,Lee Yeon,Kim Hyeon Soo,2023 KBS Drama Special,KBS

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