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In the Divine Realm, there are four True Gods, Shang Gu, Bai Jue, Tian Qi, and Zhi Yang, who rule over all the gods, goddesses, and spirits of the world. Different from the other three, Shang Gu has yet to be able to wield her unique power, the Power of Chaos. Eventually, Tian Qi and Zhi Yang ask Bai Jue, who has been out of the Divine Realm and living a quiet life, to train Shang Gu. His personalized training for her is thriving as she can finally manifest her power. Along the way, the two gods fall in love, but when Shang Gu finally succeeds in her pre-destined position, their relationship and the entire realm are threatened.

Tags Drama,Romance,Fantasy,Zhou Dongyu,Xu Kai,Liu Xueyi,Li Zefeng,Ancient Love Poetry,ETTV

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