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Bloody Game 2 : E13


Bloody Game Season 1 had shown the intimidating gameplay in extreme situations, and it opens a new door with second challengers. In this season, including various survival winners, the top 1% of Mensa members with an IQ of 156, a graduate from a prestigious university, a player who got a perfect score on the college entrance exam, and a legendary basketball player, people who are smart and with good physiques from various fields gather and compete for survival. The tension of survival builds up as the players become more vigorous while they try to figure out whatu2019s in othersu2019 minds and othersu2019 weaknesses. Who will be the winner of this bloody competition?

Tags Variety,reality show,survival,Hong Jin Ho,Park Ji Min,Ha Seung Jin,KNUCKS,Bloody Game 2,MBC

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