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Brain Works : E07


A neuroscientist Shin Ha Ru with a special brain, a selfless detective Geum Myung Se with a kind brain, a law hypnosis investigator Seol So Jung with a timid brain, and Kim Mo Ran with a hyper-sexuality brain, will join the force and investigate criminal cases as a team. A neuroscience team has been established in order to deal with the increasing number of crimes related to brain disease, and Ha Ru joins them as a consultant. Coincidently, Myung Se and Ha Ru get involved in an ill-fated relationship, and brutal cooperation begins. What will happen during the all-too-human investigation full of madness and plot twists?

Tags Drama,Jung Yong-hwa,Cha Tae-hyun,Kwak Sun-young,Yeh Ji-won,Brain Works,KBS

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