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Fan Letter Please : E04


A top star and a sick girl's father fake an event to please her. Yu-na is battling leukemia, and she only wishes to get a reply to her fan letter to Actress Han Gang-hee. Yu-na's father Jung-seok writes a fake response to please his daughter, but he never predicts that Yu-na's bragging spreads around and even Gang-hee can hear the story. Meanwhile, Gang-hee is struggling due to an unfounded rumor and her low-rating TV series. She visits Yu-na's hospital to clarify the fake event, but Jung-seok asks her to join his 'white lies' to cheer Yu-na up and have the strength to fight against her illness.

Tags Drama,romance,comedy,Choi Soo-young,Yoon Bak,Shin Yeon-woo,Fan Letter Please,MBC

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