For the Sake of Beauty : E02


During the Wei Dynasty, the King's Queen and concubine gave birth to sons on the same day. The half-brothers, Bo Jian and Zhong Hao, grew up as rivals and close brothers. Shortly after Bo Jian's ascension to the throne, Han Ying Zhu comes to the capital to proclaim her father's innocence, who had been wrongfully imprisoned. Zhong Hao helps Ying Zhu and informs the King about her story. The brothers are drawn to Ying Zhu's bravery and devotion to her father and want to marry her. Queen Downer, Bo Jian's mother, proceeds with her son's arranged marriage with another woman while letting Zhong Hao marry Ying Zhu. But Bo Jian Schemes to win Ying Zhu's hand, which causes a significant rift between the brothers.

Tags Drama,Historical,Lee Tae Ran,Du Jun Ze,Tam Yiu Man,For the Sake of Beauty,Huashi

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