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Il Ji Mae : E11


At 8-years-old, Yong witnesses his father's murder. This leads to Soe Dol adopting Yong and marks the beginning of Yong's life as a ruffian. Unlike most noble women, Eun Chae is smart and shrewd. She envisions the concept of an inn and goes into business with her father to establish Joseon's first-ever upscale inn. While doing so, she finds herself falling for Yong, who keeps himself hidden behind his black mask. Yong realizes that there is more than meets the eye regarding his father's death and decides to dig deep to investigate the matter. While searching for a special design pattern etched on the sword that took his father's life, Il Ji Mae begins his quest of taking revenge against evildoers.

Tags Drama,historical,romance,Lee Joon-gi,Park Si-hoo,Han Hyo-joo,Lee Young-ah,Il Ji Mae,SBS

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