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A romantic historical drama centers on a princess who fakes her death to get on her father. When Chu Jiu Ling finds out her uncle, the current emperor, is responsible for her father and former emperor's death, she attempts an assassination on him. After the plan fails and she gets locked up waiting for her death, she escapes from prison for her friend Ju Zhen Zhen and sacrifices herself for her. After Jiu Ling's teacher, who is also Zhen Zhen's father, transforms his pupil's appearance into his daughter's, Jiu Ling takes Zhen Zhen's identity and starts working as a healer, waiting for the right time to complete the unfinished business.

Tags Drama,Historical,Peng Xiaoran,Jin Han,Wang Youshuo,Du Yafei,Jun Jiu Ling,100uu,Jun,Jiu,Ling

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