Mystery in the Palace : E03


This drama depicts the power struggles in the Qing Dynasty court as Han Xiang, Emperor Kangxi's illegitimate daughter, strives to regain her rightful place in society. Princess Yi Dan, Han Xiang's biological mother, gave birth to twins - a son and a daughter - but was tragically murdered. Han Xiang's servant rescued and entrusted her to a compassionate farmer. Eighteen years later, Han Xiang enters the palace as the dressmakers and people in court keep eyes on her because of their striking resemblance to her birth mother. While her skillful craftsmanship attracts the royal family's attention, she suffers from envy and jealousy. Along the way, she discovers her true identity and tries to uncover the conspiracy behind her mother's death.

Tags Drama,Historical,Gan Ting Ting,Kevin Chung,Michelle Yim,Zhang Danfeng,Mystery in the palace

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