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Queen of Divorce : Behind The Scenes 5 - 02/18/2024


Kim Sa Ra is the epitome of a girl crush with no coyness or connections. After watching her mother suffer by her father's side, Sa Ra realized that marriage was a reality and married the affluent Noh Yul Sung instead of poor Dong Ki Jun. But soon, she found herself in ruins. Once a daughter-in-law of the Cha-Yul Law Firm, Sa Ra became a divorcee in jail and was left penniless without custody. Now, her goal is "Zero." Turn Yul Sung's assets or income into zero or lock him away with zero tolerance. That's the only way she can get her child back. In front of Sa Ra, who believes marriage is the graveyard of love, her ex-boyfriend, Ki Jun, appears after eight years. Ki Jun still believes that marriage is the completion of love and asks Sa Ra, who claims that justice is all about getting the bad guys to plead, who comes up with the standards. As they discover that Yul Sung played a role in ending Ki Jun's career as a prosecutor, Sa Ra and Ki Jun join forces for their great revenge.

Tags Drama,comedy,action,E Ji Ah,Kang Ki Young,Oh Min Seok,Queen of Divorce,Wavve America

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