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Red Balloon : E13


Eun Kang looks ordinary and plain on the outside, but her true desire remains hidden within her heart. Ever since her freshman year of high school when she first met Ba Da, she’s been Ba Da’s best friend, despite the surging feelings of relative deprivation she gets with Ba Da around. Seeing her so-called best friend take away her secret crush is already hard enough, but things quickly turn for the worse when she gets dumped by the boyfriend she’s been devoted to for four years. With nothing left in her life, Eun Kang hatches a little scheme of her own involving Ba Da’s in-laws, whom she’s been on good terms with for longer than Ba Da has, only for it to backfire on her. Ba Da, on the other hand, trusts the false version of Eun Kang enough to share all her secrets, but her faith later comes back to haunt her. Eun Kang’s long-concealed desire finally begins to crystallize.

Tags Drama,Seo Ji-hye,Lee Sung-jae,Hong Soo-hyun,Lee Sang-woo,Red Balloon,TV Chosun

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