Smile King : E33


Based on an on-going live performance, COMEDY KING is a comedy program starring a team of comedians who specialize in sketch comedies. Led by Park Seung-dae who has devoted himself into a live comic performance, ten performers showcase well-constructed sketches with sharp and witty improvisation. Famous comedians, such as Shin Hyung-rae and Hwang Hyun-hee, also feature as guest performers, proving why they are loved by the audience. The performances are funny, and all the ad-libs are hilarious. You might roll on the ground laughing the whole time!

Tags comedy,Park Seung-dae, Kim Jung-hwan, Do Dae-woong, Hyun-jung, Kim Hwan-seok, Lee Su-bin, An Se-hee, Kim Ji-young, Jeon Ye-won, Lee Jong-heon, Song Chi-ho

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