The Destiny Of White Snake : E33


Zi Xuan is the disciple of the Green Emperor and is cultivating to become a diety. He meets a young white snake, whom he nicknamed Xiao Bai. Over the course of time, Xiao Bai learns to transform into a young girl. One day, Taotie, the son of Sea Dragon king, summons the black water dragon, the powerful ancient monster, to create chaos. Zi Xuan and his friend Ling Chu attempt to stop the beast, and Zi Xuan sacrifices himself to save his friend. Before fading away, he gives Xiao Bao the name Bai Yaoyao, and wishes her a happy life. However, Bai Yaoyao tries everything to save his soul for a thousand years. She accidentally meets a doctor named Xu Xian, who is the reincarnation of Zi Xuan. Xu Xian, who has been focusing on mastering medicine, feels his heart flutter to Bai Yaoyao.

Tags drama,fantasy,romance,Yang Zi,Ren Jialun,Mao Zijun,Li Man,The Destiny Of White Snake,HK Regen

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