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Based on a novel that spans about 50 years of a critical time in Korean History, The Land follows the Choi family, especially the heiress Seo-hee, and friends and foes. In the 1890s, the Choi family was a landlord in Hadong, and Seo-hee was raised by her grandmother. The tragedy starts with her father Chi-soo's death, plotted by some people who attempted to steal the family fortune. After his death, their relative Cho marched into the family mansion and tried to seize financial control. Then, cholera swept the village, killing many people, including Seo-hee's grandmother, Cho and their family got complete control of Choi's fortune, and Seo-hee fought against them to protect the family.

Tags Drama,historical,Kim Hyun-joo,Yoo Joon-sang,Lee Jae-eun,Jung Chan,The Land,SBS

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