The Legend of Xiao Zhuang : E15


This is a story of a woman who gave up love to carry the fate of the empire. Da Yu'er is a Mongolian princess who dreams of roaming the vast land with her beloved. She loves Dorgon, one of the emperor's sons, but she marries Huang Tai Ji, Dorgon's half-brother and the most influential son of the emperor. She is constantly torn, knowing what she wants and what she must do to ensure the empire's prosperity. Starting as a mere concubine of an emperor, she becomes an emperor's mother and then the most powerful woman in the country who makes her grandson the emperor. And she devotes her life to calming the chaos and advancing the Qing dynasty.

Tags Drama,Historical,Jing Tian,Geng Le,Nie Yuan,Jiang Lin Jing,The Legend of Xiao Zhuang

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