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The Second Husband : E75


Sun Hwa is a cheerful, optimistic person, although her childhood was full of hardships. She fell in love with Sang Hyuk, who used to be her neighbor. They had their child, Sae Byeok, and pledge to marry each other. However, blinded by ambition, Sang Hyuk betrays Sun Hwa and marries the daughter of a conglomerate, Jae Kyung. Due to Sang Hyuk's betrayal, Sun Hwa loses Sae Byeok and even gets wrongfully accused of murder. As she seeks revenge, she encounters Jae Kyung's stepbrother, Jae Min. Eventually, Jae Min falls in love with Sun Hwa.

Tags Drama,melodrama,Eom Hyun Kyung,Cha Seo Won,Oh Seung A,Han Ki Woong,The Second Husband,MBC

The Second Husband - Episode

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