The Wolf : E47 - 07/23/2021


At the end of the Tang Dynasty, Ma Zhaixing, the Kuizhou City governer's daughter, met a boy raised by wolves and became best friends. However, when the boy rescued a young wolf from a nobleman, he was framed for the murder of a royal family member. Zhaixing sent him back to the forest to save him, but her brother entrapped him and slaughtered his wolf family. The boy was chased and fell off a cliff, only gets rescued by the King of Yang. Eight years later, the boy, named You Wen and crowed as King Bo, accidentally meets Zhaixing, his only friend back in the days. After getting over hardship after another, they fall in love with each other. Being with Zhaixing makes You Wen getting back his kindness and warm-hearted personality.

Tags MZ Media,Drama,Romance,History,The Wolf,Darren Wang,Li Qin,Xiao Zhan,Xin Zhilei

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