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Weak Hero Class 1 : E04


Yeon Shi-eun is a top-of-the-class model student interested in anything but studying. He's endured bullying from Jeon Young-bin, who always ends up second behind him. But Shi-eun's nerve finally snaps when Young-bin makes Oh Beom-seok, a new student in his class, sabotage Shi-eun's exam. He fights against Young-bin's gang, but the situation turns against him. That's when Ahn Soo-ho, another classmate from his class, and Beom-seok, cut into the fight and help him. That's the start of their beautiful and fragile friendship.

Tags Drama,Action,Park Ji-hoon,Choi Hyun-woo,Hong-kyung,Weak Hero Class 1,Wavve

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