World of Woman : E117


World of Woman centers on two women in the 1500s who became the most influential figures in the court: Dowager Queen Yoon, the third Queen-consort of King Joongjong, and Jung Nan-jung, a humble-bred lady who became the queen's advisor. Nan-jung, an illegitimate daughter of a government officer, tries to find someone who can elevate her status. She chooses to become a gisaeng and start her training under the most famous gisaeng in Hanyang. Meanwhile, the King marries, for the third time, a young lady from the Yoon family, his former queen's relatives. Won-hyung, the new queen's brother, falls in love with Nan-jung at first sight and would do everything to make her his concubine. Nan-jung demands him an audience with the queen, and Yoon and Nan-jung soon become allies.

Tags Drama,historical,Kang Soo-yeon,Jeon In-hwa,Lee Deok-hwa,Do Ji-won,World of Woman,SBS

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